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Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 8 and a few details

It's business as usual at the Lab, which means it's incredibly busy. I've been stepping it up a bit to cover for Angela as she settles into her 9th week. Her "not just for morning sickness" kicked up a bit last Thursday as we we're preparing to head up to Boyne in Northern Michigan to cater the James-Pesta Wedding on Saturday. Friday was another rough day as we woke in the early am to pack and drive up. Angela is amazing! Even through her worst days yet she put together a Vegan Wedding for 80 people in an unfamiliar kitchen to rave reviews! Our dear friends John and Amy joined us on Saturday to assist us in putting it all together. The reception was held in the "back yard" of a house on the side of Boyne Mt and was beautiful. Mrs. Pesta praised our work in her toast and announced Aya to everyone. It was a great honor to be a part of this event and to stand next to Angela as she rocked it yet again. Mark and Beth are just awesome as well!

Last week we decided to stop offering am yoga as I want Angela to be able to get into her own rhythm of waking a sleeping. While our lifestyle can be a struggle it grants us the ability to work with our bodies and be flexible. We want to use this to the greatest advantage during Aya's gestation. If Angela needs to sleep a bit later on certain days now she is able to. We're going to resume our am classes when we open the studio in the new building.

I've been meaning to post a few small items here.

Though we are both open to Aya being a boy or a girl, we agree that this entity seems to have a feminine energy and we've started using "she" when talking about Aya. We're trying to keep it balanced out as we don't want to set up any expectations in ourselves or in Aya! Aya does feel very feminine though.

We also both feel that she's settled into the left side of Angela's uterine wall. We both practice Reiki and work with energy all day in our work. This gives us a slightly heightened sense of what is going on in the body and has assisted us in locating where Aya is setting up shop. And that's exactly how Angela describes how what is going on in her belly feels like. We've also read that the more active the development process is the more intense "not just for morning sickness" becomes.

I've started to spend at least some time everyday working and talking with Aya. On the 4th of July I read Angela and Aya Jack Parson's Freedom Is A Two Edged Sword, which for many reasons I feel is an appropriate first book and one that I read every 4th of July. More recently I have been communicating back and forth energetically. The process is quite subtle and technically resembles depth sonar. I'll send out a little energy with a particular signature and see it the similar energy comes back. In most cases here the energy comes back with greater focus. I am then "feeling" for energy signatures that don't originate within me and try to send those back as well. We seem to be playing catch in this way. It's amazing!

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