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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life In The Lab Is Quite Different

I think that life in the Lab is a bit different than other places. As we move into our 8th week, and hopefully begin to post here on a regular basis, I've been thinking about our lifestyle and how blessed we are to be exactly where we are as Aya arrives. We are in a very unique position.

First, and most importantly, Angela and I are together 24/7. When we're working, which is pretty much constantly, we share the same desk and constantly bounce ideas off one another. We have created a very symbiotic relationship as far as work and life are concerned. Neither one of us has to remove ourselves from life to work. Angela partakes in the majority of the yoga classes I teach and I'm almost always by her side when she's teaching a class in the kitchen. I suppose that is a massive difference there.

In addition to this, as happens with most couples, we have established a psychic connection. We finish each others sentences and communicate non-verbally with a great deal of ease. This is fairly common, but our work with yoga, shamanism, reiki, and intuitive healing, have facilitated a more complex connection. I also spend a great deal of time in meditation and trance states and due to this have become more sensitive to more subtle reams. Angela helps to facilitate my work in this area and is very much connected to these realms as well. That's definitely unique!

Though certainly non the last uncommon thing about the Lab, but the last I'll mention here, is the fact that we exist in what is generally a public space. We pretty much wear everything on our sleeves here as there is no separation between life and work. We have our small private bedroom we affectionately call "the cave." I built an "L" shaped wall on carpeting so that a corner of our space conceals our bed. We get into the cave by sliding the wall open a bit and slipping in. This minimal and generally inaccessible personal space is a great boon to our work as we literally share our life with our students and clients. Nothing is hidden. All of the products we use, our recycling and composting, and our library are on display with purpose. Due to our dedication to this minimal, public and sustainable lifestyle and the fact that we're just plain broke, we happily live a monastic existence.

So, these three factors among many others give us a rare opportunity to observe Aya's gestation. Because we are together all the time we are both very aware of the process. For a typical working couple, the majority of the day is spent apart, so the father doesn't have constant, direct and immediate contact with the process. This is enhanced by our work and talents, from food prep to reiki, that deepen our awareness of the physical, mental and spiritual realms. We have already identified and are constantly interacting with Aya's energy and are certain a third mind has been active in our lives since conception. Finally, our open source lifestyle, as expressed in this blog, inspires us to share our experience and continue to live in service to our community. We are honored to share our observations, from the practical to the mind numbingly abstract, with you here.

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