Image: PANGAIAN WILDS by Daniel Mirante. Thanks Daniel!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dreams of Aya

Many people have been writing us to share that they've had recent dreams of Aya and we think that's pretty cool. I asked our friend Lindsey if we could post her simple & beautiful dream here:
Last night, I had a dream where Aya had already been born. He was a beautiful, chubby, laughing sort of child, just the kind of baby that everyone, including me, just wanted to hold. I remember holding him and bouncing him on my hip and thinking that things were better, when you had this delightful boy in your arms.
Thanks so much Lindsey! We're so excited for Aya's birth!


Shayne said...

a friend of mine heads up the Michigan chapter and I thought maybe you would find this interesting.

The Mystic 1 said...

I had a dream of holding baby Aya and telling him " You are beautiful, you are loved, you are divine!"

cornsilkdreams said...

Strange but true. I've never met Angela, and only met Gregg once at my wedding... I also had a dream last night - the night following the day he was born, and didn't know others had as well prior to his birth before reading this "dreams of Aya" blog - but regardless, I had this dream of Aya, who smiled his big smile while being held in his mothers arms shortly after his birth. I also remember Aya having a full set of lips to go with the bright smile - and when I looked at the website showing the ultrasound pics - the resemblence was remarkable. Strange to me only that some who is unconnected as I am dreamed this little dream. I'm only left to wonder what this all means... Take care to all... J.O.