Image: PANGAIAN WILDS by Daniel Mirante. Thanks Daniel!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life in the Lab - Thank You!

Angela enjoys a moment of calm baby study in the Lab.

I adore this woman and the life we've made. Of course, that's not to say we've done it alone. The Lab has been community-based and focused since day one and so many people have assisted us. We want to thank you all so much!

It's been a while since we've posted. We've been so busy that it's been hard to make extra time for the computer. We're getting caught up though so look for some new posts and some recent drafts to be cleaned up for presentation.

In Health, Joy and Liberation,
Gregg, (Angela and Aya)

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Stephany said...

I can't see the bump that I hear is too cute for words, but I know it's under that book somewhere so I'll just imagine it for now. So happy for you two, and thanks for sharing a photo!