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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

USDA Admits Organic Fraud is Increasing--- Sign Petition!

Please sign the petition!

This infuriates me beyond words. This is why we have to look local, grow our own food or buy it directly from a farmer that YOU KNOW and you trust does not use pesticides. In my opinion - Big business = Corruption. Period. We are being shown this on a daily basis it seems. Please sign the petition and pass it on to your loved ones ... what we eat DIRECTLY influences how we feel and we cannot continue to sit by while big business lies to us about what we're eating and profits from our sickness.

I think about how important it is to me to eat organic, and how I am trying to eliminate this but I still buy produce from big agri-organic farms. Something feels dirty about the produce, it does not fall in line with our ideals even if it is organic. The distance it has traveled, sat in trucks, etc. Now this. I am possibly feeding the little growing being inside of me tainted food while thinking it's at least pesticide free. It makes me sick. I think about all of the people suffering from illness, trying to heal themselves through diet ... But pregnant or not, diseased or not ... we should not be deceived anymore.

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Heather Carmona said...

Yes, I agree Angela. Thanks for posting this info. Shopping local and joining local CSA's are so important. We have to educate ourselves and not expect the government to do it for us.