Image: PANGAIAN WILDS by Daniel Mirante. Thanks Daniel!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Meditation from the Womb

I place my hands on my belly, close my eyes, and I am transported.

I am standing at the edge of an ocean, it is vast and peaceful. I breathe deep, the crisp smell of the ocean filling my soul. I can feel the slow, rhythmic energy pulse through me.

I feel strongly that I am no longer by myself in this vast ocean. To my left, far in the distance, is little Aya. Though she is small, her power is great. Her golden light washes over me, I can feel the warmth on my face. I smile. Keep working hard little Aya, Mama loves you.

I open my eyes and see the man I love working diligently on our baby blog. I am blessed :)

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